The Nightingale
They Never Made It To Memphis
Cowboy Café
Some People Fall, Some People Fly
Live Songwriting Recordings (2005)
It's Okay
Here We Go Again
Clever Country Girl (2002)
Clever Country Girl (2002)

Recorded at Sugar Hill Studios, Houston, TX
and Carl Thiel Studios, Austin, TX
Clever Country Girl (2000 - 4 Song EP)

Recorded at Carl Thiel Studios, Austin, TX
and Sixtone Productions, Inc., Houston, TX
Voice Of A Child (1998 - Single)

Recorded at Sixtone Productions, Inc. Houston, TX
CD Cover

Fall 2011    

Kristin is now living in Kansas City and will be performing at songwriters nights in the midwest for the remainder of the year. She is still working on finishing her EP and is always writing!
2012 Kristin Hart in affiliation with Lyra Management
Photo by Victoria Gabbard
Kristin Hart
The Heart of Blues
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Kristin Hart
The Heart of Blues